With all your lies, you’re still very lovable.

Anonymous:  So tomorrow I'll have been dating my boyfriend for a year but I'm not quite sure what to get him. I mean I have a few ideas but still. Do you know of something that I could get/make for him?

To start with, the pressure of getting him a present shouldn’t be that big. I’d rather spend that day together, take her out for dinner & watch a movie together than to give ‘meaning’ to your love in an expensive gift. If you have been dating this guy for a year, surely you know about his interests and passions in life, so maybe you can work around that? If you really do wanna buy something, it doesn’t always have to cost much, just have a meaning to him or hopefully both of you. Reflect on the past year with him, I’m sure it won’t be that difficult. Anyways, if this answer didn’t help you, get him a cat. I mean, who wouldn’t want a little soft ball of fur?